Theme Nights

Desire Riviera Maya Cancun 2018 Theme Nights

 Every evening you will discover a sensual theme adventure, where your wildest fantasies come true. The Desire Riviera Maya Resort entertainment cast promises the most deliciously erotic nighttime entertainment in the Caribbean.

All theme nights are subject to change without prior notice and our Special Events utilize their own programs.


Tidal waves of excitement will consume you, as you and your partner enjoy the motion of the ocean on land, at this “shrimp-ly” amazing event. “Seas” the opportunity to experience how Desire Cruises & Desire Resorts combine naughty with nautical… Let’s get Naughty!

Evening Highlights: Champagne Showers & Happenings

Disco: Sensual Performance

Dress Code: Sexy Sailors & Hot Captains

Journey into the world of erotic role play, as you and your partner dress for seductive success, as; Doctors & Nurses, Professor & School Girl, Pilot & Flight Attendant or any other hot professional couple you have always dreamt of bringing to life, converting fantasy into reality. Role playing is freeing, empowering and not to mention, an insanely sexy amount of fun. Each moment is a new experience for continuing pleasure, in a world where your options are endless.

Evening Highlights: Music from the 70’s, 80’s & 90’s performed by a Live Band, Couples’ Uniform Contest

Disco: DJ & Drums

Dress Code: Couples Uniforms (ex. Doctor/Nurse, Pilot/Flight Attendant)


From the very moment you and your partner arrive, you will be immersed in a dream world of erotic pleasure in the White Affair. An evening to enjoy elegance and seduction at their finest, you and your partner will discover a feeling of freedom to partake in the most intimate of your fantasies, leaving your partner with a longing desire to undress you. Prepare to experience the most deliciously erotic evening of your lives…

Evening Highlights: Live Band, Hot Circus, White Show

Disco: Resident DJ

Dress Code: ELEGANT White Attire (Dress to Impress)


If you’ve ever witnessed an authentic Latin “fiesta”, then you know that the Latin community truly knows how to party, in every sense of the word. Surrounded by your partner and an extended mix of friends & acquaintances, this will be one of the most memorable nights of your lives. Close your eyes for a moment and imagine dancing to live, Latin music, cigar rolling and rum tasting all accented by sensual seductresses in sundresses… Prepare yourselves for an evening full of flavor, sensuality and long, slow seduction.

Evening Highlights: Latin Band & Caipirinhas

Disco: Sensual Stripper Performance

Dress Code: Colorful Dresses & Flowered Shirts


Red is commonly associated with passion & eroticism… In many people’s minds the source of sexual attraction, the vaunted chemistry, the elusive electricity, are shrouded in mystery. Red, constitutes a unique, significant and subconscious sexual signal. Feel the electrical currents pulsate through your body, while being consumed by the game of seduction, in a healthy, sophisticated, erotic playground for adventurers.

Evening Highlights: Rock Band

Disco: Beyond Seduction Show

Dress Code: Sexy & Sensual RED Attire



Adding lingerie to any party can transform any good party, into an extraordinary party, one that will go down in the history books forever type of party. Through the art of creating glamour, with a twist of sensuality and eroticism, you and your couple will embark on an unforgettable journey, all about poise and posture, bold, scarlet red lipstick and lacy lingerie, focusing on the craft of tease. So, go ahead and give everyone something to talk about!

Evening Highlights: Lingerie Fashion Show & Pole Dance Performance

Disco: Resident DJ & Sax

Dress Code: Ladies: Lingerie & Men: Black Pants with Suspenders


Tonight, Desire will let it all glow under the neon lights. Submerge yourselves in a dream world of erotic pleasure, by creating a sensual look using bright white or naughty neon, that reflects your inner glow, on the outside. It’s always playtime in our colorful kingdom.

Evening Highlights: Neon & Lights Show, Water Drums Performance

Disco: Guest DJ

Dress Code: White & Neon